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Hi! My name is Oded.

I am a father, a partner, a software engineer, a musician and an artist. I like to create things that make the world better. Currently I software engineer at Spinach. I enjoy building products that provide value to our users, working in a team, helping others around me grow and growing myself as an engineer and a mentor.

I am interested in solving hard problems, making music, modular synthesizers, procedurally generated art, astronomy and many more things. In short, I am eternally curious.

I am good at learning new things and finding the right tool for the job. I have worked with a lot of different technologies over the years and always enjoy learning a new one. Today I mainly work with Typescript, AWS and Apache Kafka. I have experience in design and development of scalable cloud services as well as web and mobile applications. I am passionate about user experience & Lean methodology. There has never been a better time for creation and creativity - we can deploy a site, scale to multiple instances, easily spin up a VM or do many other things that used to take days, in a matter of minutes and at very low or zero cost. All of these are no longer obstacles on our creative path.