I Am a

Director of Engineering at Soluto by day,
maker of cool things by night,
guitarist and composer on the weekends, husband and father around the clock.

I Am Interested in

Procedural content generation, which for me is creating art that creates art. I'm a gamer and a musician as well and am always looking for interesting ways to combine all three.

I Am Good at

Learning new things and finding the right tool for the job. I started developing in C++, then Java and .Net, took a detour with Objective C and inevitably ended up with Javascript. Today I use a bit of each in my day job and mainly Javascript in my spare time. I have in experience in design and development of scalable cloud services as well web and mobile applications. I am passionate about user experience & Lean methodology. There has never been a better time for creation and creativity - we can deploy a site, scale to multiple instances, easliy spin up a VM or do many other things that used to take days, in a matter of minutes and at very low or zero cost. All of these are no longer obstacles on our creative path.